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John Tracy International Rescue

Stationed aboard Thunderbird 5, space monitor John alerts International Rescue to distress calls from around the world.


Portrait of a Hero

Using digitally scanned masters, John’s features were further enhanced by our artists to create the most faithful representation of the original puppet.

Interchangeable hairpieces allow for the character to be displayed with or without his International Rescue cap.

Rescue Outfit

Authentically re-created International Rescue uniform

In Control

Position the moving eyes, bend the hands and pose the figure ready for action

Best Shot

Detailed pistol with interchangeable canisters

Dressed for Danger


Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide

(Exclusive to BIG Chief customers only)

1 x Fully realised likeness of John Tracy with Optic Action Eyes and Realistic Eye lashes
1 x Anatomix Male Body with over 30 Points of Articulation
1 x Authentically Styled and Tailord Costume Including:
1 x International Rescue Jersey
1 x International Rescue Trousers
1 x International Rescue Sash, Belt and Holster
1 x Pair of International rescue Boots with Realistic Faux Leather
1 x International Rescue Cap
1 x Pair of Hands with Poseable and Bendable Fingers
1 x Approximately 13” Tall (without Hat)
1 x International Rescue Pistol
1 x Stun Gas Ammunition Canister
1 x Needle Darts Ammunition Canister
1 x Thunderbird 5 Microphone
1 x Standard issue International Rescue watch International Rescue Display Base with Illuminating Feature

Great Saving

Pre-order John Tracy and his fellow siblings Alan and Gordon and save £40.00* for the set of three Character Replica Figures.

* Purchaser must select to pay via Payment Plan monthly instalments, or Payment in Full. Offer valid until 31.05.18.

Pre-order 3 Pack Collection


Pre-order 5 Pack Collection

Retro Box Art

Purchase the John Tracy Character Replica Figure and choose to pay either via Payment Plan (monthly instalments), or Payment in Full and receive an Exclusive Lithographic Art Print by renowned fan-favourite artist Lee Sullivan, available while stocks last.

Action Eyes

John keeps a watchful eye on the world. Remove the interchangeable hairpiece and use the supplied eye tool to adjust the position of the eyes as desired.

Base of Operations

We have included a special display base with a soft touch activated light-up feature. Gently touch the side of the base to illuminate the character name plaque.

Turn Light ON/OFF

Retro Custom Packaging