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1:6 Scale Figures by Star Ace

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One of the most heart-breaking characters in the Harry Potter series is the ever loyal house elf, Dobby.  His misguided attempts to protect Harry make him one of the most endearing of all the magical creatures in the series.  This one sixth scale figure of Dobby from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” features the house elf in his signature pillow case clothing and has interchangeable arms for different poses.  He comes with a magic flash, his freedom sock, Tom Riddle’s diary and the basilisk tooth that killed it, as well as Bellatrix’s dagger.



  • Sixth scale all new articulated body
  • Approximately 15 cm tall
  • Fully realized authentic likeness of Dobby in the movie Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets with accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture
  • Each head sculpt is hand-painted
  • 3 x Interchangeable arms
  • Torn pillow case


  • Bellatrix LeStrange's dagger
  • Grey sock
  • Tom Riddle's diary
  • Basilisk tooth
  • Sparkling flash


  • To be confirmed


  • Warner Brothers Entertainment
  • Star Ace Toys Limited

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