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1:6 Scale Figures by Chronicle Collectibles

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January 2021

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With that bone-chilling description of a long-extinct reptilian terror, Dr. Alan Grant foreshadowed the horror that would all-too-soon dominate his life.  That tale presaged a cascading sequence of sounds and revelations, each in turn dialing up the level of dread until, at last, that lightning-fast alpha predator is revealed:  The Velociraptor, the supreme pack hunter of Jurassic Park.

While the T. rex was the superficial king of Jurassic Park, the Velociraptors arguably stole the show, especially in terms of skin-crawling fear.  Their calculating eyes, coupled with their speed and ability to make astonishing leaps, made for a far deadlier encounter for young Lex and Tim as the raptors stalked the two children through the compound’s kitchen.

Chronicle Collectibles is thrilled to present to collectors the OneSixth Velociraptor Articulated Figure.  Standing at 25 inches in overall length and 12” in height, our raptor features 12 points of articulation and comes complete with three sets of hands – one with relaxed hands, one neutral position and the others outstretched for an attack.  

Discerning collectors who purchase directly from Chronicle Collectibles will enjoy a bonus accessory: the Raptor handler’s stun baton and hard hat. Quantities are limited, so reserve yours today. 




  • At least 12 points of articulation
  • Three pairs of hands: Relaxed, neutral and attack