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Morgan Jones

1:6 Scale Figures by Three Zero

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January 2022

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Morgan's pursuit of peace came crashing down when his dilemma with Richard and the Saviors came to a head. The balance he had so desperately fought to preserve has been skewed once again. With fresh blood on his hands and war looming, Morgan's sanity hangs by a thread, and his war path will leave many fallen in the wake.

threezero presents another lead from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” 1/6 scale series with the 1/6 Morgan Jones collectible figure based on his appearance in Season 7 of the hit television drama.


  • 1 x Navy Long-sleeved Shirt
  • 1 x White Undershirt
  • 1 x Khaki Pants
  • 1 x Pair of Boots
  • 1 x Vest
  • 1 x Breastplate
  • 1 x Pair of Shoulder Pads
  • 1 x Pair of Bicep Pads
  • 1 x Pair of Elbow Pads
  • 1 x Pair of Forearm Guards
  • 1 x Pair of Kneepads
  • 1 x Pair of Shin Guards
  • 8 x Interchangeable hands


  • 1 x Wooden stick
  • 1 x Rifle with sights
  • 1 x Pistol with holster
  • 1 x Hunting knife with sheath