Xenomorph Alien Warrior

1:10 ArtFx+Statue by Kotobukiya

Collector Edition £69.99 £58.33 Excl. Tax

Kotobukiya proudly presents the Alien Warrior from Alien! The Alien is brought to life in this highly detailed 1/10 scale ARTFX+ statue.

The Drone is an adult form of the species Xenomorph XX121, often said to be the most basic adult caste. It is a loyal servant for the Queen, but essentially represents the lowliest class of Xenomorph, comparable to a worker ant. Drones construct Xenomorph Hives, using a resin-like secretion that they produce, and collect hosts for impregnation. Drones are easily identified by their smooth head carapaces, among the smoothest of all Xenomorphs, and they are capable of spitting cysts of acidic blood at their enemies. They average around 7–8 feet tall when standing on hind legs, and about 14–15 feet long, tail included.

The Alien crouches on a specially designed base that is based on the flooring of the spaceship Sulaco. Additionally, the modular base design can be refigured to represent different environments, like deck flooring or maintenance shafts.


  • 1 x Movie accurate alien 1:10th scale figure
  • 6 x Modular bases based from the spaceship Sulaco


  • To be confirmed


  • Kotobukiya international

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