Shaggydog Direwolf Cub

Plush by Factory Entertainment, Inc

Gift Edition £21.99 £18.33 Excl. Tax

BIG Chief Studios are pleased to announce a range of collectable merchandise from Factory Entertainment, Inc. based on the smash-hit TV series Game of Thrones. 

Legendary Direwolves thought to have been extinct South of the wall found by the Stark children of Winterfell. Shaggydog was adopted by Rickon Stark and fled winterfell afer being seperated from Bran's group.

This plush of Shaggydog the Direwolf as a cub is approximately 230mm (9") in height.


  • Soft Plush toy approximately 9" tall
  • Height 300mm(12") x Width 160mm(6") x Depth 200mm(8")


  • Vacuum Sealed Packaging
  • Product Size: Height 300mm
  • Product Weight:0.40KG's


  • Manufactured by Factory Entertainment, Inc.
  • HBO Licensing