House Targaryen Sigil Throw Pilliow

Gift by Factory Entertainment, Inc

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£19.99 £16.66 Excl. Tax

BIG Chief Studios are pleased to announce a range of collectable merchandise from Factory Entertainment, Inc. based on the smash-hit TV series Game of Thrones. 

These luxurious soft velveteen pillows measure 22" x 14" x 6" and are shaped like a heraldic shields. They feature the Sigil of a Great House of Westeros on the front and the house motto on the back with an antique gold glided rope trim on the edge.

House Targaryen


  • Pillow measure H559mm (22") x W356mm (14") x D152mm (6")


  • Pillow is shipped in a vacuum bag with hangtag.
  • Product Size:H559mm (22")
  • Product Weight:0.52KG


  • Manufactured by Factory Entertainment, Inc.
  • HBO Licensing