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Shrunken TARDIS Expansion Pack

1:6 Scale Expansion Pack by BIG Chief Studios

Limited Edition: 200
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"The Tardis never does this. This is Huge! Well, not literally huge."

The Twelfth Doctor experienced the shrinking TARDIS in the episode "Flatline". The shrinking of the TARDIS was a residual effect from a two dimentional race trying to invade our dimention. The TARDIS remained in its shrunken state througout the episode where Clara had to find a way to escape these two dimentional creatures and resize the TARDIS and the Doctor inside. Luckily by using thier own dimentional powers against them, the Doctor resized the TARDIS and sealed the two dimentional creatures in their own dimention.

The Shrunken TARDIS can now appear in all of your Doctor Displays with the 1:6 Scale Collector Expansion Pack from BIG Chief Studios. Hand NOT included.

Please Note: due to a factory error the cards were printed on thicker card and need to be carefully peeled to allow them to fit smoothly into the Shrunken TARDIS.


  • 1 x Shrunken Tardis
  • 3 x Insert Cards
  • Hand NOT included


  • Packed in plain white box with foam filling