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Handles Cyberman Head Accessory

1:6 Scale Expansion Pack by BIG Chief Studios

Limited Edition: 1000
Limited Edition £39.99 £33.33 Excl. Tax

Earn £4.00 in BIG Chief rewards

The Eleventh Doctor obtained a Cyberman head from the Maldovarium Market. Naming it “Handles”, he subsequently repaired it, removing of its organic components and Cyberman protocols, leaving a plain, docile robot that interpreted his commands literally, whether or not they were meant to be taken as rhetorical statements. Handles went on many adventures with the Doctor in his search for the mysterious planet of Trenzalore. 

Now Handles can accompany your Eleventh Doctor figure on his adventures, with the 1:6 Scale Collector Expansion Pack from BIG Chief Studios. 

The Cyberman Head has light-up features and comes complete with batteries. To replace batteries simply remove the magnetically attached back plate and unscrew the battery compartment cover. Remove the old batteries and replace with new batteries. Never mix old and new batteries. 


  • 1 x “Handles” Cyberman Head with Light-up Function
  • Batteries included


  • Packed in plain white box with foam filling

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