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Amy Pond Raggedy Pack

1:6 Scale Expansion Pack by BIG Chief Studios

Limited Edition: 0
Limited Edition £19.99 £16.66 Excl. Tax

Earn £2.00 in BIG Chief rewards

The Amy Pond alternate portrait with sculpted hair has been designed to replace the portrait head with rooted hair that shipped with the 1:6 Scale Collector Figure.

To replace the original portrait head with rooted hair, follow these simple assembly instructions:

  1. Hold the original portrait head with rooted hair firmly and pull to remove the head.
  2. Pull off the original neck cup from the top of the neck peg.
  3. Insert the new neck cup into the alternate portrait head.
  4. Push the new alternate portrait head onto the neck peg.

Also in this pack is the Raggedy Amy and the incentive Raggedy 11th Doctor from the Amy Pond Limited Edition Figure.


  • 1 x Amy Pond portrait head with sculpted hair featuring an authentic likeness of Karen Gillan
  • 1 x Raggedy Amy Pond
  • 1 x Raggedy 11th Doctor


  • Packed in plain white box with foam filling, with neck plug to fit inside head


  • Project Management Design & Development: BIG Chief Studios Ltd.
  • Sculpting Direction: Concept X