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Harley Quinn Arkham Knight

1:6 Scale Figures by Hot Toys

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December-2021 & January 2022

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“You gonna bring Ivy to me or am I gonna have to get her myself?”

Begins as an episode before the events of Batman: Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn breaks into the overgrown Blüdhaven Police Department to recruit her partner in crime, Poison Ivy, to be part of Scarecrow's plan to destroy the B-Man.

Based on the incredibly popular Batman: Arkham Knight videogame, Hot Toys is thrilled to present the 1/6th scale Harley Quinn collectible figure with the new look mixed with goth and punk, giving her a more edgy and sinister appearance that reflects her unstable and wild personality.

Masterfully crafted based on Harley Quinn’s appearance in the video game, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt with white powdered make up, blonde hair sculpture and moveable pigtails, newly developed body, Harley Quinn’s dramatic outfit consisting of a corset with black ruffle skirt and lace details, red and blue boots and arm-bracers, amazingly-detailed accessories including baseball bat, machine gun, mallet, pistol, paint can with brush, Jack-in-the-box, and a specially designed figure stand with game logo.

Take this Harley figure home, as she will stand out from the rest of your DC collection!


  • Newly sculpted head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Knight videogame
  • Highly-accurate facial expression with detailed make-up and skin texture
  • Long-length curly blonde, pink and light blue hair sculpture with movable pigtails
  • Newly developed body with over 28 points of articulations
  • 6 x pieces of interchangeable hands including:
  • 1 x pair of relaxed hands
  • 1 x pair of baseball bat holding hands
  • 1 x pair of gun holding hands
  • Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted
  • 1 x short puff sleeve shirt
  • 1 x corset with black colored ruffle skirt bottom in layers and lace-trimmed ends
  • 1 x pair of blue and red colored arm bracers with lace details
  • 1 x pair of blue and red pants with silver-colored diamond pattern
  • 1 x pair of heeled boots
  • 1 x blue-colored chocker and body strap


  • 1 x metallic red and black colored baseball bat
  • 1 x machine gun with pink dice and a photo of The Joker
  • 1 x mallet
  • 1 x pistol
  • 1 x paint can with brush
  • 1 x articulated Jack-in-the-box (Figure is removable)
  • Specially designed figure stand with game logo and backdrop


  • Viva Lai (Head Sculpt) (Paint)
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** Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
** Product details could be subjected to change without further notice