Tomb Raider Trailer

Wednesday 20th September, 2017

In this latest installment Lara Croft, is a lowely bike courier around the busy streets of East London trying to find a purpose. Lara is determined to not become just another cog in her fathers company and rejects everyone whom tells her that he isn't dead just that hes missing. After his estate is released it seems Lara is then given clues to help her find what exaclty her father was working on and hopefully at the end of it be reunited with him. 

Set to bring Lara to life is Alicia Vikander, a talented young actress who took it upon herself to get completely in shape for this film. In a seperate video she explains how she wanted to gain some more muscle mass and how she trained herself in varying disciplines to fully encaptulate the role. Even taking herself to the brink of illness to make the film look as breathtaking as possible.

With a rough release date of around March 2018 we are definately ready for this!

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