Thor Ragnarok Comic Con 2017

Sunday 23rd July, 2017

With every Comic Con comes an overflow of incredible trailers for the next installments of series and films. One of the biggest films that is set to come out in October/November time is Thor: Ragnarok! This is the third installment of the Asgardians journey to becoming a great warrior and eventual ruler of Asgard. 

This Trailers adds more depth into what takes place between Thor becoming a gladiator for The Grandmaster and the Hela attack on Asgard. After a breif encounter with the Goddess of Death, Thor realises that the only way to stop Hela from taking control of Asgard and starting Ragnarok, (the extinction of all life in the universe) is to form a team of warriors whose strength could over throw Hela. Hulk obviously being an obvious choice in this as the green giant shows signs of a more moulded conciousness with Bruce Banner and has a conversation with Thor!

This looks set to have some incredible special effects and the story seems to link well with the hints of Infinity War that was leaked earlier in D23. The design and look to the film feels different to the past Thor films and after Dark World we know things can only get better. But don't just take our word for it check out the trailer below.