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Special Announcement

Thursday 7th June, 2018

Dear BIG Chief customers,

It is fair to say that recently a number of you have received products by BIG Chief that have had quality issues and we wanted to address those problems directly with you, our trusted customers.

BIG Chief are proud to have delivered products that our customers have loved. As with all mass produced items there have inevitably been some issues that have been resolved via support. However, our more recent releases seem to exhibit more frequent repeat issues, with some being present throughout the run. This is both frustrating and annoying for all concerned.

Like many other collectables manufacturers we employ the services of a trading company, who’s job it is to source and manage the numerous factories involved and to ensure product quality. It is the job of the trading company to carry out in depth quality control checks of the various components throughout production. Once these quality checks have been completed and the products packaged, our appointed representative carries out spot check inspections of randomly selected product.

A factory’s output, however, can only be as good as those supervising and managing them and we have become increasingly dissatisfied with the level of attention our products have received. As a result we are announcing today that we moving all future production to a new supplier.

Looking ahead we will be working directly with a reputable factory specialising in the manufacture of high-end sixth scale figures and collectables. Rather than the various processes being accomplished by different smaller factories, our new vendors have a large scale facility covering more or less every aspect of production. This will ensure a much tighter control throughout the manufacturing process from tooling to packing.

There are currently a number of products at various stages of production, some of which will be affected by the move. We know that there will be a number of disappointed customers, but the move is going to cause further delay to those products already behind schedule and those more recently offered for pre-order. Please understand that this is unavoidable, we simply cannot risk shipping any more products, only to discover that they too have quality issues.

The following products are almost complete, but will be undergoing significantly tougher quality assurance checks and lengthier inspections to ensure that they are free from problems. As such there will be some delay, but they will be shipping as soon as they gain full approval.

• Sherlock Holmes and Dr.John Watson The Abominable Bride Sixth Scale Figures
• Captain Scarlet Sixth Scale Character Replica Figure

The following products are in the process of being transferred to our new vendors and so will be subject to delay. At this point we cannot give a firm date as to when exactly they will ship, but it will be in the coming months. We will of course keep you all posted as to our progress, but we kindly ask for your continued patience, so that we can be sure that you will receive the quality product you deserve.

• 8th Doctor TV Movie Sixth Scale Collector Figure
• James Bond (Live and Let Die) Sixth Scale Collector Figure
• Solitaire (Live and Let Die) Sixth Scale Collector Figure
• Baron Samedi (Live and Let Die) Sixth Scale Collector Figure
• Alan Tracy International Rescue Character Replica Figure
• Gordon Tracy International Rescue Character Replica Figure
• John Tracy International Rescue Character Replica Figure

This process is by no means a small undertaking for BIG Chief and has to be done correctly to avoid repeat issues.

We understand that communication with our customers is key, which sadly has not been as frequent as we would of liked, whilst we have awaited answers from the vendors. We thank you for your continued support and rest assured we remain committed to delivering quality product that will delight you for many years to come, on display in your collections.

Yours sincerely

Mark and the BIG Chief team