Series 9 Finale

Monday 7th December, 2015

This weekend saw the finale of Series 9 and what a massively complex and varied episode it was. The doctor brought a huge amount of emotion forward that, in Capaldi’s rendition, usually stayed buried under he callus and sarcastic bravado.

The episodes main point of focus was set on the reversal of a permanent event in the time line. Which in every episode up till now has been an area that the Doctor would avoid and respect as a necessary part of the time line. However with Clara the Doctor would not accept this, which was in many ways awesome but in many others was immoral. He searched every part of the universe he could think of to find a way of dislodging this predetermined event from the timeline. Yet even Clara, a human, could see that she needed to be forgotten by the Doctor so he could continue his journey to help protect the universe from all it’s threats.

Overall it was a better performance from Capaldi with him showing he doesn’t have to over exaggerate all of his speaking roles when he can merely use his face to convey his message.

The BBC production team were also very creative when rather than developing new sets for the show, they brought the set from “Listen” back to add some familiarity to the series. This was a lovely touch and the writers were also very sneaky with bringing up references to older companions and other fan theories to who or what is the Hybrid is.

The episode also brought some controversy to the fans as they had replaced Timothy Dalton. This change, although expected by BIGChief, was a shock to many fans however he definitely brought the power hungry, bossy, in control president to life in the episode.

So with the end of a good solid series we look forward to the next episode at Christmas with his new screwdriver and his new emotional outlook on life as the Doctor.

Could there even be a special where the impossible girl and the immortal woman have a variety of adventures in a travelling American diner?