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Production Update - October 2019

Friday 6th September, 2019

To keep you informed of our progress, please see below...

Captain Scarlet

You will all be pleased to know that the shipment is on its way to our warehouse and is expected to arrive in port on 26th September. Provided that the consignment clears customs without any delay, we anticipate that the stock will be delivered to us on Monday 30th September.

Keep an eye out for your shipping notification via email around the end of September. Please remember to double check your address details and update if needs be from within your account.

Eighth Doctor

We are currently awaiting a final sample with all of the revisions made to the costume and deco that we requested following our review and customer comments.

In addition we have developed the correct shoes for the Doctor, which were correctly identified from screencaps taken from the recent Blu Ray release. These are now being tooled for manufacture.

Whilst the new shoes have been in development our vendors have continued to manufacture component parts, to keep on schedule to ship the figures around mid-October.

This will mean that the stock should arrive with us at the start of December. We are working hard to keep on track and will continue to keep you guys posted.

James Bond, Solitaire and Baron Samedi (Live and Let Die)

Tooling has been completed and the pre-production samples are nearing completion. We will have images to share you with you all very soon.

As with the Eighth Doctor figure, our vendors have continued to manufacture component parts whilst other parts are being finalised. Currently the figures are scheduled to ship mid-October, to arrive with us at the start of December. Look out for further updates as we progress through manufacture.

Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy, John Tracy and Parker

In a bid to catch up the schedule we have tooled the Parker figure alongside the remaining Tracy boys. The tooling should be completed any day, with the pre-production samples set to follow. We will share images with you all once we have the samples in hand. As with the Doctor Who and Bond figures we are working hard to get these figures in your hands as quickly as possible. Dates to confirmed…

Thirteenth Doctor

The Thirteenth Doctor is unfortunately running behind schedule, due largely to the overdue products being worked on simultaneously. However, tooling is scheduled to start this month alongside the Third Doctor. So whilst the Thirteenth Doctor is running late, the Third should be ahead. Once we have pre-production samples to share, we will update you all. We are currently aiming to ship prior to Chinese New Year at the end of January, but we will keep you all posted.

Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless

Final tool masters are being prepared ahead of tooling. We will provide further updates as we progress.

Laurel & Hardy Giftware

The giftware is en-route to our warehouse and will arrive in the UK on 10th October. Once the consignment has cleared customs it will be delivered to us. The gift items will be in stock in time for Christmas and they make ideal stocking fillers for fans of Stan and Ollie.

Forthcoming pre-orders to look forward include…

Laurel and Hardy (suits) Box Set
Space 1999 – Commander John Koenig (series 1)
Fourth Doctor (series 18)
Flash Gordon – King of the Impossible (Earth attire)