New Year New Licenses Bring It ON!

Monday 11th January, 2016

It's now 2016 and BIG Chief are more determined than ever to bring out new, exciting and most importantly accurate products. We have spent the last week compiling our resources and working through our support to ensure that this year will continue on a high. 

We have not heard much more news on the TARDIS's's's's and will have more accurate dates on when to expect them soon but at the minute we are still waiting for our standards to be met. It's not great to wait but these dioramas are very much going to be worth the wait and the money that has been put into them.

Its also safe to say that we are working tirelessly to put work into our new Licenses for Penny Dreadful and Gladiator. These licenses both differ to what we normally put into the swirling pool that is the sixth scale world but we are not only rising to the challenge but greatly looking forward to the idea of having a fully licensed figure of Russell Crowe's Gladiator finally available for film fans everywhere. We are also rising to the new challenges that Penny Dreadful is throwing at us but we seem to have a rough idea of who our first figures will be as well as how they will come dressed which in this show is very central to the characters. This being said we have not forgotten about our other licenses and have already put into action serveral points to bring out new figures this year.

BIG Chief is also very much in love with the new resorts world in Birmingham and had an excellent experience not only in the new cineworld but also in the TGI Fridays. The amosphere is great in the whole resort and the film was just what we needed, forget a cheeky nandos we may need a cheeky Star Wars every other day! Although looking at the rigourous schedule of not only all the films that are coming out this year but also all of the television that is coming on we have enough to keep us not only entertained but inspired for all of licenses. Lets hope the releases schedule doesnt mess our up our line up to much with all of the figures we plan on releasing this year.

We also want all the world to know that a pre-order will be appearing soon for......... ah that would be giving it away. Lets just say that it will be soon and we know your going to love it. 

Have a great year every one BIGCHIEF!!!