Look at those Eyebrows

Tuesday 26th August, 2014

When we decided that our next figure would be an all new version of the 11th Doctor as portrayed by Matt Smith, in his series 7 costume, we thought it would be cool to add an exclusive incentive for our customers. So in celebration of one of the 11th Doctor’s finest moments, our 1:6 scale figure will also come with an interchangeable portrait of the 12th Doctor from the regeneration sequence.

A first for BIG Chief, the 12th Doctor’s portrait was based on a 3D scan of Peter Capaldi and the data refined digitally. Once the likeness was fully approved, the portrait was output on a high resolution 3D printer. Further refinement was required to remove any visible build lines and imperfections. Finally skin texture and the character’s hair is added by hand. Once complete the master portrait is then moulded and cast out in resin to provide a finished master for tooling and a decoration master for painting. 

The 12th Doctor’s portrait is an exclusive give-away, free of charge for those customers who order the 11th Doctor series 7 1:6 scale Collector Figure direct from BIG Chief Studios.