Justice League Comic Con 2017

Monday 24th July, 2017

Bring another legion of fans to the trailers was the big hitter for DC Justice League. Justice League has become an intregal part of the DC film set where they are set to introduce Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman to their line up. These huge heroes are key to the founders of the Justice League and with Wonder Woman and Batman's leadership, no doubt their will be talks of more films in the future.

With the world still mourning the loss of Superman and Batman becoming more reclusive, crime has increased and a new foe is coming, Batman must join together a team of heroes. This new viilan talks of a lack of protectors on Earth and how, just like many other worlds, it will fall. This sets up a huge amount of teasing images showing an apocolytic world of red and black and a set of incredible battles between an insect like race called Parademons, the justice league and the Amazons. This film is set to be a huge spectacle with still characters to be announced and an increible cast, November can't come soon enough. Check out the trailer below and see how incredible this looks.