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Doctor Who The World Enough and Time

Saturday 24th June, 2017

Whilst trying to turn Missy off her path of villiany, The Doctor sends Missy, Nardole and Bill to a distress call. Once there they are greeted with cameras facing them in every angle and only a janitor. Suddenly 3 elevators begin to rise through the ship and bill is taken down to the depths of the ship. There they help heal her after getting injured and explain she cannot leave the hospital. Luckily Bill makes a friend Mr Razor, whom helps to keep Bill in the hospital as a maid cleaning and helping the nurse with patients. Meanwhile The Doctor explains to the janitor how there is time difference between the top of the ship and the bottom due to the gravity created by the black hole. After which he becomes fed up of the janitor and works to make his way down to the lower levels to save Bill. But by the time he makes it down the damage has been done and Bill will never be the same.