Doctor Who The Doctor Falls

Wednesday 5th July, 2017

The finale of the series saw The Doctor face 3 of his greatest foes, The Master, Missy and the Cybermen. With Bill "upgraded", Nardole and the residents of floor 507, The Doctor is forced to come up with a plan to suffciently save not only the residents but also Bill, whom is coming to terms with being a Cyberman. With all of these threats facing The Doctor also is working to stop his body from regenerating and making him restart his identity. With all this going on, The Master also faces the realisation that Missy is his next regeneration and how he got to be her. Overall the episode brought a huge range of characters together and flowed well into the introduction of the Christmas teaser which shows David Bradley taking on the role of the first Doctor. Its definately going to be an interesting Christmas...david bradley