Doctor Who Empress of Mars

Saturday 10th June, 2017

After breaking into NASA for the sheer thrill, the Doctor and companions witness a message embedded into the moon "God Save The Queen". Now The Doctor and companions are fully suited on Mars trying to find the lost victorian squadron that are wondering on Mars. After seperating to search more ground The Doctor runs into a fully suited Ice Warrior who imediately charges in, The Doctor instinctively orders him to halt just as a Victorian soldier appears. Bill has already met the Soldiers and sat with The Doctor to hear of how the soldiers found an Interplanetay ship in South Africa, with Friday inside. He then proceeded to ask for help from the Victorians Soldiers as miners back on Mars for the price of Silver and gems. The Soldiers soon uncover a Sarcophagus of the Ice Queen and The Doctor is soon put on edge and tries to put forward his expertise. However one of the soldiers soon tries to harvest precious gems from the sarcophagus base and inadvertently awakens the Ice Queen. Now awakend she kills the soldier and after being reuinited with her ice warrior and The Doctor trying to convince her that war is no longer an option, she still begins to awaken the rest of the Ice Warriors. After a short battle the soldiers, their commander sacrifices himself to appease the queen and bring a truce between the Queen of Mars and Earth. With this new alliance the Queen of Mars reaches out to the universe for aid and new beginnings.