Deadpool 2

Monday 14th August, 2017

Deadpool was one of the biggest films of 2016 and the sequel is set to be one of the most eargerly anticipated in recent years. With the wide range of avenues this film could go one thing taken from the first film was that of the character Cable being in the next film. This brought on a huge amount of fan theories and actor suggestions which many people agreed or disagreed with, depending on which Cable they went for and from which adeptation of the comics they prefer.

So when Josh Brolin ,star of films such as The Goonies, No Country For Old Men, Men in black 3 and more recently Thanos from Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, was announced for the part. Would he be able to do his other obligations as well as take and look the part? Well based on the on teaser images below he looks more than ready to be Cable.

Another role spoken about was that of the mutant Domino, a highly skilled mercinary with enhanced capabilities and expert markmanship, she seems more than suitable to be in any scene with Deadpool. With her casting hidden and also only shown just before Josh Brolin many people didnt make any assumptions. So with the casting of Zazie Beetz an actress form smaller tv shows and films she could bring a new take on a deadly assassin. With the film still in production and a release date still to be announced we all are eagerly waiting for this film.

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