Crank it up to Eleven - Part 2

Monday 1st September, 2014

Whilst work on the new costume gets underway with our tailors in China, the sculpting process begins for the updated portrait. 

With the head being one of the most expensive components of a figure to both develop and manufacture, we elected to follow a similar route to that which we employed for the 4th Doctor figure, i.e. a single head with interchagebable hairpieces and a removable fez. Next we needed to settle upon the desired expression.

Opinion is divided as to just how expressive an expression should be. For us we favour a more neutral expression, with a hint of emotion, so as to avoid a blank, dazed look, whilst allowing for a greater degree of poseability. Minor tweaks were made to our original master sculpt, changing the shape of the mouth to more of a subtle smirk and adjusting the shape of the eyes slightly. More significant changes needed to be made to the Doctor’s hair however, not only due to the new shorter hair cut Matt sported in series 7, but also to enable the removal of the hair for the fez to be fitted.

Engineering the different hairpieces and they way in which they interlocked to best hide the split lines took some meticulous sculpting, whilst ensuring that the final prototype would work for manufacture. The finished piece proved successful, creating the desired look and functionality perfectly.