Crank it up to Eleven - Part 1

Friday 29th August, 2014

With the success of our now sold out 11th Doctor 1:6 scale figure, we thought it was time to give fans a second chance to own the “mad man with a box”.

But what costume to select, his series 5 geek chic, series 6 green trench coat and Stetson? Although both are great looks and very much desired by fans, we felt strongly that the figure should be completely new and not just a re-working of our first release.

It was decided that the 11th Doctor’s series 7 look would be the best choice, given his costume was completely new. In addition to the costume, we wanted to include an updated portrait that would allow us have the Doctor sport his trademark fez.

With the product selection firmly in place the design process begins, starting with a breakdown of costume pieces, accessories and packaging requirements.

Using full turnaround images of the actor, together with reference of the complete costume, work on the protoype gets underway...