Black Panther Trailer

Thursday 19th October, 2017

Black Panther is probably one of the biggest undertakings MARVEL has ever done. With the sheer quantity of films that have been released and the quality of them, is Black Panther going to hit the standard. Judging from this latest trailer we think it will. Set inside of Wakanda, the city in Africa filled with Vibranium, T'challa must return home to rule as king and become its new protector. Wakanda's technology is far more advanced than the rest of the world and this brings new opportunities for criminals to make stronger and more advanced weaponry. The trailer also shows us the main villain, Erik Killmonger, a userper whom wishes to take the throne, but after that it will be down to the films interpretation of events to see what he wishes to do with the throne. 

So overall theres alot that this film can bring both visually and through its storyline and its definately another film to look for next year. Hopefully this will also bring some clues into how Infinity War will develop as well.