Anyone For Dodgems?

Monday 28th September, 2015

doctor appearsAfter the concluding part of the new episode "The Witches Familiar", BIG Chief Studios is glad to see the return of the wit and banter we didnt see as much of in the last series.  Capaldi out did himself and Steve Moffat should pat himself on the back with how this episode went. Not only did we see the return of the dreaded Daleks but also with the Doctors old nemesis Davros making his presence very much known. Clara and Missy's side part to the story followed the main plot beautifully bringing a new dimension to how the relationship between the two girls can go from bad to Darlek. All we can ask for is the continuation of this quality throughout the rest of the series and hopefully another go in the Dalek Dodgem.

how far down?taunting doctor