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All Things San Diego

Tuesday 25th July, 2017

With San Diego all but finished, BIG Chief have had an incredible experience of this the Comic Con of Comic Con's. We have been thrilled with the responses we have been recieving about all of our figures from Bond to Thunderbirds, its been amazing. Not only from all the passing fans but we also met Jonathan Ross, a huge pop culture fan with a vast love for all things comic and James Bond. He was awe stricken with the likeness of our figures and enjoyed talking in depth about the process to make and produce the figures.

Jonathan ross

James Bond brought over a lot of attention and with our latest prototypes from our next line "Live and Let Die", the fans were thrilled to see a new set of figures being brought out. Many asked about Roger Moore and yes we do have a prototype in the works but with his recent passing we felt out of respect not to show our figure so soon. 


Sean ConnerySean Connery

Auric GoldfingerAuric Goldfinger

OddjobOddjobRoger MooreSolitareSolitareSolitareSolitareSolitareSolitareSolitareSamediSamediSamediSamediSamediSamedi

Fans also showed a new interest in our Gerry Anderson line. They really enjoyed how we could explain about the story of the puppets and how we reduced them from the puppet size, to a character replica size.

 Tracy BrothersTracy Brothersscott and virgilTracy BrothersVirgil tracyScott TracyCaptain ScarletCaptain ScarletScarletScarlet

A classic favourite for many fans is our Gladiator figure. A figure many ask about and we are so excited for him to be put up for pre-order we are just awaiting final apporvals and such for him to go up. 


And of course our latest Doctor pre-order Paul McGann. This awesome figure set many fans a flutter and was a superb representation for the up coming releases from this license.

Paul McGannPaul McGannPaul McGann

Photo Credits to the BIG Chief team, Sideshow Collectibles and toyark.com.