Until further notice BCS are ceasing the sale of goods to customers in Russia.
Pre-ordered items from Russian and Ukrainian customers will be held in our warehouse until further notice.
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BIG Chief Rewards

How do I earn reward points?

Place an order for almost any item available via bigchief.shop and earn reward points for every pound that you spend. Use your accumulated reward points to redeem discount off the purchase price of another item you order from bigchief.shop.  Orders place from 1st August 2018 will earn you Reward Points. Any order placed before this date will not earn points.

What is the value of reward points?

You earn one point for each pound that you spend, which is equivalent to 5% of the qualifying product value.

Where can I see how many reward points I have accumulated?

You can view your Reward Points by signing in to your online BIG Chief account. On the “My Account” page you will see your Reward Points Summary. A more detailed breakdown is available by clicking on the “Rewards Points” link.

How do I redeem reward points?

To redeem your accumulated reward points when placing a new order follow these steps:

  • Add a qualifying product to the Shopping Cart and click the “Checkout” button to be taken to the Sopping Cart page where you will see your selected product(s) listed.
  • Underneath you will see your Reward Points total available to use against your selected qualifying product.
  • If you choose to redeem your available reward points, click on the “Use Points” button and you will see a confirmation message on screen notifying you that your reward points have been applied.
  • To complete your purchase and redeem your discount click “Proceed to Checkout”.

When can I start to redeem my reward points?

Reward Points become active approximately forty (40) days after your qualified product has been shipped from the BIG Chief warehouse.

If I cancel my order, will the reward points be returned to my account?

Reward Points that have been redeemed for qualifying pre-order purchases that have been cancelled within 14 days will be returned to your account.

Reward Points that have been redeemed for qualifying in-stock purchases that have been cancelled and returned to BIG Chief Studios warehouse within 14 days of receipt of order will be returned to the customer’s account.

Can reward points be redeemed to pay for shipping costs?

Reward Points are not applicable on shipping costs.

If I have placed an order, but not redeemed my available reward points, can the discount still be applied to my order?

Rewards points cannot be applied to an order once the checkout process has been completed.

Can reward points be used in conjunction with any other discount / promotional code or coupon?

Reward Points cannot be used in combination with any other coupons, discount codes or pre-order discounts/incentives.

Is there a time limit to redeem my Reward Points, do they expire?

There is no time limit to use Reward Points that have been earnt from an order with BIG Chief Studios. If the Reward Points have be gained from promotions, sign up or other then these may have an expiration date. BIG Chief reserves the right to change the Reward Points scheme at any time without notice, including the introduction of expiration dates.