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As Sherlock’s elder brother, Mycroft Holmes claims to hold a minor position in the British Government, but the truth is, he IS the British Government. That is when he’s not too busy being the British Secret Service of course, or the C.I.A on a freelance basis. Chances are, if you find the London congestion is bad on your way home tonight, it could well be due to Mycroft having started a war, as you can't imagine what that sort of thing does to the traffic.

His powers of deduction equal if not supersede Sherlock's own who has always been so resentful. Mycroft worries about his younger brother constantly. He would prefer his concern go unmentioned however, as they have what you might call a difficult relationship. The truth is it has simply never occurred to Sherlock that he and his brother belong on the same side. After all, they have more in common than he likes to believe.

BIG Chief Studios are proud to present the Mycroft Holmes 1:6 Scale Collector Figure. Featuring a fully realised portrait of Sherlock co-creator and actor Mark Gatiss, outfitted in one of his tailored three-piece suits, his trusty umbrella at the ready. 

Produced in a limited numbered quantity, you would not want to miss out now would you, after all it would upset Mummy.

Available to pre-order soon in both standard Limited Edition and a special Signature Edition, sign-up today to receive advance notification.

Pricing is as follows:

SIGNATURE EDITION £219.99 (incl. VAT) / £183.33 (Excl. VAT)

LIMITED EDITION £189.99 (incl. VAT) / £158.33 (Excl. VAT)