First Order Tie Fighter Pilot Helmet

Prop Replica by Anovos

Limited Edition £689.99 £574.99 Excl. Tax

The Premier Line offering is for the insatiable costumer, who needs every detail meticulously studied and excruciatingly reproduced for the ultimate wearable costume.This accessory includes details duplicated from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.


  • Helmet is assembled and ready to wear.
  • Helmet is created from 3D scans and reference from the original prop.
  • Exterior shell is constructed in fiberglass.
  • Bubble lenses are tinted grey.
  • Respirator fittings are made of metal.
  • Helmet interior is lined for a finished appearance.
  • Helmet fitting pads are adjustable and removable.


  • To be confired


  • Anovos Productions
  • Disney / Lucasfilm Ltd