C-3PO and R2-D2

1:10 ArtFx+Statue

Original Pre-Order date: 27th October 2015

Collector Edition

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From the very first frames of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the stuffy protocol droid and his plucky astromech companion captured the hearts and minds of viewers around the world. They couldn't be more different but somehow through Imperial traps, Rebel celebrations, and forest moons they managed to influence the course of history. For the first time C-3PO and R2-D2 join the ARTFX+ line in this exclusive 2 Pack. Both droids are sculpted to perfection, capturing all of the interesting mechanical details that made them so famous from C-3PO's hydraulic joints and exposed wiring to R2-D2's intricate paneling.


  • 1 x C-3PO Head
  • 1 x C-3PO Torso
  • 1 x C-3PO Lower Body
  • 1 x C-3PO Left Arm
  • 2 x C-3PO Left Hands
  • 1 x C-3PO Right Arm
  • 1 x Comlink
  • 1 x R2-D2 Trunk
  • 1 x R2-D2 Legs
  • 1 x R2-D2 Middle Leg (Down)
  • 1 x R2-D2 Middle Leg (Up)
  • 2 x Magnetic Stand
  • Instruction Sheet


  • Packaging: H280mm, W280mm, D150mm


  • Kotobukiya international
  • Lucasfilm Ltd
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