Last Chance


10th Doctor TARDIS (Refurbished)

1:6 Scale Figure Dioramas BIG Chief Studios

Piloted by the 10th Doctor, the TARDIS is an organic machine grown from a species of coral indigenous to Gallifrey, the home world of the Time Lords. It draws it’s primary power from the Eye of Harmony, an exploding star in the process of becoming a black hole suspended in a permanent state of decay. With it’s ability to travel in space and time, and on occasion to other dimensions, the most remarkable characteristic of the TARDIS is that its interior is much larger than it appears from the outside. 


These TARDIS's have been reconstructed by BIG Chief and may have scratches, dents, slightly misaligned doors and police signs. However all of the lights are working and all of the accessories (backdrops and telephone) are intact.

Limited Edition

Availablity: 3 £250.00