River Song Expansion Pack

1:6 Scale Expansion Pack

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"Sorry, you're not allowed to see inside the book. It's against the rules."

River Songs Diary is seen throughout her appearances with the Doctor and was her transcript of events that had happened and adventures they were yet to have. Her continuous riddle of appearances in the Docor Who series eventually lead to her being a pivitol character and then upon her departure, the diary was placed in the universe's largest library, under the biography section.

The Tenth Doctor experienced the adipose in the episode "Partners in Crime". The Adipose were brought to Earth by their wet nurse, Matron Cofelia, whom brought Adipose Industries into mainstream society by disguising the adipose seeds as weight loss pills. Their time on Earth was short lived as the Matron Cofelia, had broken the Shadow Proclimation by breeding on a level 5 planet and all of the Adipose were taken into care.

Now bring the River Song Expansion to all of your figures with the 1:6 Scale Collector Expansion Pack from BIG Chief Studios. These 2 Adipose are different from the Adipose with the 10th Doctor Series 4 and the 3 Pack now available.


  • 2 x Adipose figures
  • 1 x River Song diary
  • 1 x River Song sonic screwdriver


  • Packed in plain white box with foam filling
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